STROKAR is a non-profit association founded in March 2016 by Alexandra Lambert – CEO of Mad Brussels, fashion and design platform, and Fred Atax, director and photojournalist for 20 years.

In 10 years, urban art has become a movement recognised by the contemporary art market. Brussels has recently taken the lead, as attests a recent New York Times article, citing it as the international platform of contemporary art. Our cosmopolitan world capital has taken an innovative position. It is, therefore, surprising that Brussels doesn’t yet have a referential Hub for street art; a space not simply a museum but that represents the most innovative and energetic artistic movements of the 21st century! Our ambition is to create an international platform attesting to the global street art ecosystem and so-called ‘urban’ art. A platform that means Brussels can distinguish itself, more than ever, as an interconnected city in the Industry 4.0 era. 

The VALUES that guide us are:
Excellence, Non-conformism, Passion, Engagement.

our mission

We believe street artists make an important contribution to an innovative, progressive society. Their works often deal with the major issues of our time. Strokar is a non-profit association that encourages this engagement, which aims to capture a public interested in the artists it represents by facilitating connections between cultures and people. Its programmes consist of developing unique, original, collaborative works of art with urban and visual artists, as well as with creators and designers from around the world whose common theme is street art and graffiti. STROKAR’s activities, at its hub in Brussels, include exhibitions, a gallery, public events, performances, a street supermarket, a bazaar, residences and educational activities. With a highly active online network, we aim to instigate exciting exchanges about street art and graffiti, as well as about the nonconformist ideas this movement spreads in society.


 STROKAR INSIDE is an international platform of urban art transformed into a “Supermarket version 4.0” for street art and a large workshop-laboratory of urban arts in the space of the old, mythical Delhaize at the Chaussée de Waterloo in the heart of the Molière district. We want to create a unique site in Europe, a brand new space that will attract top international street art legends, in partnership with Belgian street artists; helping us to sensitise the general public to the beauty of this discipline.

 So, we are investing in an old supermarket with a surface area of about 5000 M2 situated at the heart of the Capital of Europe, Brussels, in one of its hippest districts. We will develop a total concept combining a museum, a gallery, a bar area, a shop, solo art exhibitions, a skate park, an art bazaar, shows, a fresco walk, film and documentary projections, events and performances, all based around international street art and graffiti.

 It will be open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday (11 a.m. – 18  p.m. / 22 p.m Bar) and can also be rented for private or corporate events.